creath carter

Creath Carter

Technical Artist and Interactive Media Designer

278 Main St STE 205
Greenfield MA 01301


StudioArtician LLC (2017-present) | Founder, Principle Developer, Technical Artist

Independently owned work-for-hire development studio specializing in digital interactive media. Managed team of 3-4 artists to meet multiple clients designs and needs. Produced and published multiple internal projects for entertainment and education.

StudioArtician Clients/Projects:

IMVU| (2020-2021)

“EGO” – Mobile, Online, Prototype Hand-off

Wrote, storyboarded, animated and integrated real-time cutscene characters, environments, and supporting VFX in Godot. Concepted, built and integrated a variety of contemporary environments for multiplayer experiences on a multiplayer mobile platform in Godot. Assisted with general gameplay direction, puzzle/scenario design, technical implementation and general design consultation.

HitPoint Studios | (2020)

“Bubble Planet” - Mobile/AR, Prototype Hand-off

Assisted HitPoint Studios in game design, development and technical integration of wide-area geographical, interactive, 3D AR puzzle experience. Developed in concert with Niantic Research for AR.

IMVU (2019-2020) | Mobile, Online

“IMVU” – Mobile, Online, Prototype Hand-off

Adapted existing character models to 3DS Max CAT system. Created character motion suites with Mixamo content and custom animation support. Wrote, storyboarded, animated and integrated real time cutscene characters, environments, and supporting VFX in Unity based on team direction.

Environment Art: Concepted, built and integrated a variety of contemporary environments for multiplayer experiences on a multiplayer mobile platform in Unity. Assisted with general gameplay direction, puzzle/scenario design, technical implementation and general design consultation.

MIT Museum (2019)

“Volumetric MRI Display” – Physical Installation

Developed volumetric MRI data viewer for the MIT Museum installation "The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramon y Cahal." Handled coding, UI/UX, hardware implementation.

Mondadnock Media (2018)

"The Loyalty Project" – Physical Installation

Converted existing, or created where necessary, specialized 2D art content for interactive installation on the Red Scare and its overlap with contemporary events. Displayed at the Harry S. Truman Library and History Museum, Missouri.

Present Creative (2018)

“Pella Concept Store” – Mobile, Bespoke Corporate

Authored or implemented art content from C4D to Unity, targeting touch-screen devices for interactive arch-viz retail concept store for Pella Corp.

Knowledge Matters (Feb 2014 – present) | Lead 3D Artist (contract)

“Virtual Business Suite, Corporate Training Projects” – Desktop, Bespoke, Online

Lead small team of 2-3 artists to develop library of character and environment assets, forming the backbone for ongoing multi-generational educational product line targeting highschool and college level academia, management and business training. Designed modular character and clothing system.

Modeled, rigged, textured, and animated, 3D characters with hundreds of unique visual combinations. Produced pre-rendered isometric character sprite sheets for custom Java/web-based company platform.

Modeled, textured, animated, and produced dozens of building interiors, exteriors, city views, and hundreds of objects for randomly-generated, modular environment construction.

Developed branding and style guides for fictional entities within the simulated educational environment. Designed and created UI, UX, and other 2D graphical elements.

Provided consultation for technology updates, engine improvements, and migration of content from pre-rendered sprites to a real-time 3D environment. Ported library of simulation content and organization of multiple asset-databases.

Provided above design and content development across the following products: VB Fashion, VB Hotel, VB Restaurant, VB Entrepreneurship, VB Management, VB Retailing, ACE Hardware, Corporate Training, Hotel Marriott Corporate Training, and VB Medical.

Together Labs (Aug 2021-Aug 2023) | Environment Artist (contract)

“WithMe” (2021 – 2023) | Mobile, Online, canceled

Modeled, textured, and integrated cities, forests, islands, along with hundreds of props and decorative elements for fantasy and contemporary environments, gameplay, and User-Generated Content library, based on provided art direction material. Maintained regular updates over live-launch with new visual and gameplay experiences, puzzles, multiplayer escape rooms and holiday themes. Developed for online mobile platforms in the Unreal 4.27 and 5.2 engines.

HitPoint Studios (Aug 2017-Apr 2021) | Technical Artist, Designer, Generalist (contract)

“Civil War AR Project” (2019) | Mobile, AR, Geofenced

Modeled historical Civil War items from photographic and photogrammetric sources for real-time AR environment. Deployed on-site for S. Carolinian civil war historical battlefield. Created in concert with Niantic Research for AR.

“Disney's Magic Timer” (2019) | Mobile, AR

Modeled and animated multiple 3D Disney/Star Wars and Pixar characters for interactive AR-experience.

“Barstool AR Project” (2018-2019) | Mobile, AR, Geofenced

Assisted in the design and development of a tabletop sports title for MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Developed 3 AR sports titles for Baseball, Basketball, and Football. Created environments, assets, VFX, UI, and integrated via ARKit/ARCore in Unity.

“Color BlastAR” (2018) | Mobile, AR

Managed art, animation, and VFX for rebranded Crayola Color Blaster, porting from Tango AR platform to ARKit/ARCore on AR-supporting Android and iOS devices.

"Kody Kapow Village Defender” (2017) | Mobile, AR

Adapted Kody Kapow visual style to mobile AR platform. Game design, environment creation, additional character animation, VFX, and technical integration of all 3D content. Provided direction on brand visual style, character art, and character animation, while managing schedules and deliverables from external resources.

Archimedes Digital (Feb 2017-Dec 2019) | Technical Artist (contract)

"Dreaming of the Sphinx" – Physical Installation, AR

Managed conversion of 3D photogrammetric scans of The Great Sphinx and Dream Stela in Giza, Egypt, for AR Installation "Dreaming of the Sphinx" installation for the Harvard Semitic Museum.

"The Giza Project" – VR Platform, Online, Bespoke

Responsible for conversion of photogrammetric scans and existing 3D data from 100 years of Harvard research on the Giza Plateaus primary structures and geography. Converted existing library of content to real-time models for VR-based remote educational platform for the Harvard Egyptology Department.

HitPoint Studios (Jul 2013 - Jun 2017) | Tech Art, VFX, UI, Art Manager (contract)

“Crayola Color Blaster” (2016) – Mobile, AR

First generation AR title for Tango hardware platform. Adapted classic Crayola characters and designs to realtime 3D format. Modeled, animated, and integrated 16 characters for base game, including environment objects and VFX. Managed outsource studio for core content creation, provided direction to additional remote artists and animators for visual and animation direction, asset optimization, and brand accuracy.

“InFiction” (2015) | Mobile, canceled

Assisted in implementation of PlayMaker visual scripting toolset for gameplay scripting.

“HellMarys” (2015) | Mobile

Created and implemented VFX for gameplay and UI.

“Monster Launcher” (2015) | Mobile

Converted DeNa Mobile title Monster Match to 3D Action Puzzle Game. Developed, animated, and integrated gameplay VFX. Integrated gameplay UI flow, and UI visual content.

“iAmFam/My Little Dreamhome” (2014-2016) | Mobile, Web

Maintained monthly content updates for iAmFam web client, while assisting in Unity game port content conversion.

“Disney's Fairies” (2014) | Mobile, Web

Provided 3D Models for HOG gameplay objects.

“Seaside Hideaway” (2014) | Mobile, Web

Provided 3D Models for HOG gameplay objects across several releases.

“Bejeweled" (2013) | Mobile

Assisted in UI format conversion for the classic puzzle game ported to various mobile devices.

“Banshee” (2013) | Mobile, canceled

Early iOS mobile racing title. Assisted in development of art direction and environment design, creation, and implementation. Animated and implemented gameplay cinematics and VFX.

PB 'n Games Inc. (Jun 2013 - Jun 2015) | Principle Developer, Artist

Studio of 8 educational developers creating "Jade's" franchise for young children's education.

"Jade's Ups and Downs" (2013) | Mobile, Web

Developed mobile and web-based interactive narrative for mobile and web-based media using the Unity game engine and PlayMaker. Responsible for concept, design, animation, art content, and implementation, all programming, and platform release.

"Jade's Alpha-Blast" (2014) | Mobile, Web

Responsible for concept, design, creation, animation, and implementation of visual gameplay content, all programming, and platform release.

Digital Eclaires (2013) | 3D Artist (contract)

“XnO” (2014) | Mobile

Assisted in content polish and supplemental art content for final development cycle of 3D mobile game, developed in the Unity game engine.

Turbine/Warner Bros. (Apr 2008 - Apr 2011) | Staff World Builder

“Lord of the Rings Online” (2008-2011) | Desktop PC, Online

Concepted, designed and constructed large gameplay spaces adapted from JRR Tolkien source-material for Lord of the Rings Online MMO. Responsible for art/environment content for Mines of Moria, Southern Mirkwood, and Enedwaith regions.

“Asheron’s Call” (2011) - Desktop PC, Online

Created environment and character art content, and assembled large gameplay spaces for MMO project.

inXile Entertainment (Apr 2006 - Sep 2007) | Environment Artist

“Heist” (2006) | 6th-Gen Consoles, canceled

Created content for several environments for the game Heist, in addition to scripting shader networks, kismet sequences and setting up physics assets and VFX. Adapted the city of San Francisco to a realtime open-world 3D environment for a GTA-style third person shooter set in the 1970's.

Art Institute, Orange County (2007) | Part-Time Instructor

“Level Design and 3D Art” – Class Instruction

Held and instructed classes on Level Design and 3D Art for games utilizing the Unreal Editor (2.x) and various associated software packages for content creation.

Electronic Arts (2005-2006) | Cinematic Artist

“The Godfather“ (2006) | 5th-Gen Consoles

Responsible for integration of real-time cutscenes for the Godfather project using the Renderware engine and several in-house-developed tools. Created and rigged environment art assets, props, and characters utilized in cinematics.

Atomic Blue (2004-2005) | Environment Artist (contract)

“Planeshift” (2003-2005) | Desktop PC, Online

Concepted, modeled, and textured multiple indoor and outdoor gameplay spaces for open-source MMO.

Enemy Technology LLC (2001-2003) | Environment and Object Artist (contract)

“I of the Enemy” (2004) | Desktop PC

Designed 3 distinct environment biomes. Hand painted over 300 tiles for 2D top-down RTS engine with custom map editor. Concepted, modeled, textured, and pre-rendered 2D and 3D realtime-strategy units and buildings. Created and animated combat VFX including gunfire, explosions, and building destruction.

Electronic Arts (1998) | Games Tester

“Nascar 99” (1999) | N64, PS1

Tested the sports racing title Nascar 99 for two platforms with a team of 5.

Oak Technology (1997) | Hardware Tester, Game Consultant

“Unannounced 3D GPU” (1997) | Hardware, canceled

Provided knowledge on modern 3D games, game and technology trends, and PC user experience. Tested new, in-development hardware for 3D Acceleration for PC Desktop.


University of Silicon Valley (Cogswell Polytech) (1996-2000)

Bachelor of Arts, Computer/Video Imaging, Game and Interactive Media Design (2003)

Pre-dating formal Game Development curricular programs, attended four-year education in Film VFX, Character Animation, and Computer Aided Design. Co-pioneered early Game Development and Design track focusing on game engine work, early development pipelines, and authored multiple student projects. Mentored under Thomas Applegate, Reid Winfrey, Susan Harby.


Gnomon School of Visual Effects (2001-2007)

Supplemental Education

Attended multiple Gnomon lectures and day-camps for Visual Effects in Film and Games. Built or reinforced catalog of technical skills for variety of software packages, disciplinary techniques for digital art and workflow, and creative process for creature, character, and environment concept development.

Computer Game Developers Conference (1998-2008)

Conference Associate Organizer

Semi-yearly associate organizer for almost 10 years. Assisted in the ground-floor operations for the Game Developers Conference at both San Jose and San Francisco locations. Responsibilities included floor patrols for support, service and security, event and schedule organization and management. Operated within a group of ~100-300 volunteers lead by Tim Brengle and Ian MacKenzie.

PVGD (2016-present)

Arts, Culture, and Community Growth

Coorganized monthly meetups in the Pioneer Valley area of Western Massachusetts for a community of 300 student, independent, and industry professional developers. I coordinate social events, game demo nights, industry professional talks, highschool and college student mentoring, local and global game jams.

Game Jams (2013-present)

Global Game Jam

More than 10 years attendance, and several years of associate site organization. Handled tasks along the lines of team management, organization, game design, development mentoring, programming, and 2D and 3D art content creation. Produced over 9 mini-games and one development studio (PB n’ Games Inc.)


Domain Knowledge

Human Anatomy

Concept Art/Illustration

Visual Development


Character Design

Character Modeling/Texturing

Character Rigging

Character Animation

Engine Integration

Environment Design

(open-world, platforming, fps)

Environment Creation

Technical Integration

Performance Optimization

VFX Development

UI/UX Design

Visual Material Scripting

Visual Programming

(playmaker, blueprints)

Software Fluency

Game Engines

Unreal (1.0-current)

Unity (5.x-current)




PyGame (1.9.x)

Serious Engine (1.x-3.x)

Three.js (2013~2023)

idTech (1.x-4)

Torque (1.x-3D)

RPGMaker (2k, 2k3,XP)

Virtools Dev (1.x-2.x)

Multimedia Fusion (2.x-3.x)

Content Creation Packages

3DS Max (1.x-current)

Maya (1.x-current)

Blender (3.x-current)

Photoshop (4.x-current)

Zbrush (2.x-current)

World Machine (2.x)

Quadspinner Gaea (1.x)

Marmoset Toolbag (4.x)

Substance Painter (2.x-current)

PlayMaker (1.x)

Adobe Dreamweaver (4.x)

Adobe Premiere (4.x-current)

DaVinci Resolve (current)

Mudbox (1.0)

Crazy Bump

Headus UV


nVidia Photoshop Tools








Google Suite

MS Office Suite

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