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Below are a few of the projects that I've developed alone or with friends. Most of these are broken! You have been warned!

Click on through each section to see a breakdown of the work and playable prototypes.



As a technical artist I rely heavily on third-party add-ons for Unity. Many are abandoned after a certain point of experimentation, but the following tools formed the foundation for most of my projects. Some, such as NGUI, used to be a near-requirement at the time of Unity v.3.x, which lacked the more advanced features found in third-party addons.

pm PlayMaker

PlayMaker is a visual scripting extension for Unity. It uses a visual interface for constructing logic via state machines, and is the backbone of my work. I've written lots of material about my use of PlayMaker which I hope to organize here soon.

ngui NGUI

An easy to use GUI extension I continue to use NGUI for the familiarity and library of scripts I've assembled for it over the years.

cpp Complete Physics Platformer
A recent addition, CPP is a near-perfect, physics driven player controller.

sf Shader Forge
A pseudo-replica of shader-authoring interfaces like Hypershade or Unreal Material Editor. This is





additional materials

Here are some additional projects I've created that I've not had time to detail here.



More things by creath



Assorted Bits and Bops 1





-"Fishious Delicious" Concept and Characters by Kumar Daryanani
-"Jades Ups and Downs" Concept, Game Design and Audio provided by Rick Cody
-"Jades Alpha Blast" Audio provided by Rick Cody







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